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Welcome to!

Our mission is to provide a comforting, online home for opera singers and opera lovers. is a place to find restoration and inspiration in a field that often leaves us weary. 

Expect to find essential information, good reading, beautiful singing, and other media as varied as the voices within the opera business. From silly to serious- our aim is to bring to this site anything and everything that matters and offers value to the lives of the Operapolitan readership.


We invite you to join us in building a supportive, innovative, operatic community - one strongly founded in knowledge, kindness, awareness, encouragement, and inspiration. Operapolitan is a place for artists to access meaningful, educational, humorous, and supportive materials that will help to make their busy, stressful lives a little easier...and a lot happier.


Content will be updated frequently, so, each time you visit, we are confident it will be a fun and enriching experience. We want you to learn with us, be moved with us, and (most importantly) laugh with us! We hope you will be inspired and motivated by our hand-picked, unique collection of media, information about the business and, of course, by our original Operapolitan content and writing, specifically tailored towards the hearts, minds, and journeys of you...our beloved performing artists.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your day. We hope you enjoy your visit so that we can become a valuable part of your future. Now, go forth...have fun... and explore everything has to offer.

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