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It is an unfortunate fact that our operatic industry is becoming more and more focused on the visual aspects of the artform than the aural. Do not let this effect how you view your worth as an artist or as a human being. On this page we celebrate bodies- all different colors of bodies, teeny bodies, big bodies, tall bodies, short bodies, injured bodies, ill bodies, imperfect bodies... all bodies
We will not tell you that you are not your body or that some people in this world will not judge you 
against their misguided, socially constructed notion of what is "beautiful". No one is perfect. In an era that bombards us with images that are nothing more than airbrushed lies, we must fight to lead with what really matters. Lead with action. Make music. Change the world with what you do for it and its people. You are not just your body. You are a miraculous combination of body, mind, and spirit. Therefore, we invite you to celebrate yourself and your current state of being. Strive for what you want, of course. Strive for health always. But do not devalue yourself at any point along your personal journey. 
The physical part of our being is fragile and protects the strength of our spirit. Love your body for what it does and for what it capable of... cherish it for what it