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Diversity in Opera: A Roundtable Discussion

by The Opera Stage

Heal the World by Michael Jackson

Introducing... Shareese Arnold

The Operapolitan Humans of Opera Advocate

Believer. Singer. Wife. Mother. Creative. Storyteller. Teacher. Lover. Advocate. Black. Woman. Fat. StrongAF.


These are all descriptives I use to help others get know me, but above all I’m a human being that longs for the freedom and support of others. I’m an opera singer who also loves to teach and write about Disability Studies in music.  When I’m not telling the stories of others in the form of song, I actively use my social media platforms to share the stories of those who get lost in the busy hum of this world.  This includes but is not limited to:

Mental Health



Intersectional Feminism

Body Positivity

Religious Inclusion

Self Care


I want to remind the world around me that above all else, they deserve to be loved, appreciated and respected.  That, to me, is the real meaning in being pro-life.


P.S. I love cheese, Moana, working out, and (my boyfriend) Shostakovich.

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