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Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine. — Lord Byron

 No matter your current circumstances, laughter can renew the spirit. As performing artists, we are consistently reaching into the depths of our spirits to bring out intense emotions. In our best moments, as artists, we are left completely vulnerable to a multitude of things. With every audition, rehearsal, and performance, we are regularly experiencing the full gamut of emotions. In addition, we travel constantly, and are always engaging in new, artistically passionate relationships with our colleagues. We are charged with bringing a kind of art that is bigger than all of us into this world and to our beloved audiences. Doing this takes all of you. All of your mind. All of your body. And all of your spirit. It is important work...but it is only natural for this intensity to take its toll. At Operapolitan, we believe the best fuel for a singer running on empty to be humor. So, look at this Humor page as a refresh button for your spirit. Enjoy it. Share it. And Laugh!