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Contact us: wants to help bring awareness to the prevalance of depression, anxiety, addiction, and other mental illnesses in the performing arts community. Together we can work towards eradicating the stigma surrounding those who endure these mental illnesses.


Let us embrace those among us who suffer from mental illness. Be kind and let us do what we can to help them along their journey.

TFK Time to Talk: Performers talking about mental health

Operapolitan Mental Health Disclaimer


This page cannot and does not constitute medical advice. Operapolitan wishes to act as an advocate for the promotion of mental health and does not provide treatment advice. This page is an aggregate of sources, media, and articles compiled by external sources designed to serve as an educational resource for the Operapolitan readership. Mental Health is an important and serious matter of great complexity. There is no forum, article, interview, or piece of media that can take the place of the counsel and physical examination of a qualified, certified medical professional.


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