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Operapolitan's Singer of the Month: March- Trevor Neal, Baritone

March 6, 2018

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Introducing The Operapolitan Beauty Boss, Pro Makeup Artist, Bridget Rzymski

July 15, 2017


 Makeup Artist, Bridget Rzymski Photograph by Joshua South

Bridget Rzymski  is a wig and makeup artist currently based in Chicago. A fun loving and eccentric individual, she spends her time doing wigs and makeup at companies such as the Lyric Opera of Chicago, and Des Moines Metro Opera, occasionally doing hair and makeup for photoshoots on the side. She believes we, as humans, are beautiful in our natural states. The makeup she applies is only an enhancement of your already gorgeous self! She doesn't speak for all beauty professionals out there, but she hopes you'll find her tips, tricks, and inspirations helpful!

What is it about makeup and hair that you love? How did you get into this career?

I started in theatre as an actress, but when it came time for college, for income reasons,  I chose to study costume design instead. I always wanted to know more about wigs and makeup, though. As a lover of Halloween, i had experimented with zombie makeup as a teenager. So, [because of that interest and curiosity] I eventually interned at the Des Moines Metro Opera, and I've been in love ever since! Doing makeup always keeps me on my toes. Though I love it as a creative outlet, it is always different-depending on if the makeup is being a jerk, or if the person didn't wash their face that day, etc. I love that fluidity about keeps the art new every time.


 Who are your makeup icons?

Honestly, the people I admire most are my colleagues in the makeup world. Everyone has learned a different way and has different tricks for different things. I'm honored every day to learn from them.


Regarding stage makeup, which opera that you've worked has been your favorite? Which opera has been the most challenging? Why?

As far as stage makeup, my favorite opera I've worked on was Rappaccini's Daughter by Daniel Catán. I got to turn three ladies into trees with fun makeup and wigs. The most challenging would have to be the same production! Though doing the makeup was fun, it was a lot of work. Additionally, it was performed outside, in the summertime, so I was fighting the heat the entire show, trying to keep the singers cool, and all of their makeup intact.


If you were going on vacation to some obscure land that sold no makeup or hair products, whatsoever...and could only choose five products to bring with you… which ones would you choose?

Hm, I would definitely have...

1. NYX photo loving primer

2. Too Faced Size Queen Mascara

3. MAC NC20 Studio Fix Powder

4. Burt's Bees tinted moisturizer

5. Smashbox always matte lipcolor





What is your favorite makeup you’ve ever done? 

That's a difficult question: it's hard to pick just one! For a production of Manon, I did harlequin makeup (that I loved!) for two acrobats in the production.

Harlequin makeup from Manon , makeup by Bridget Rzymski

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