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I am greatful to
be a woman.
I must have
done something
great in another life.
-Maya Angelou

"Phenomenal Woman"

Written and Performed by Maya Angelou

Sleep to Dream by Tracy Cox

by Tracy Cox, Soprano- an inspiring woman and important voice in the opera community today.

10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman

What is Intersectional Feminism?

Dear Women of the Operapolitan community,

Welcome. Thank you for visiting our site. In a world where we often have to fight for a place, this Women's page is 100% yours. It is our hope that the media and articles we share with you here, will bring you closer and closer to a consistent realization and celebration of your unique value and worth.

As women, everyday we are bombarded with challenges and roadblocks unique and specific to our sex. It is easy to fall down, but should you fall... let us have a hand in helping you get back up.


In this section, you can find inspiration and strength from the women of today, and yesterday. Heed their wisdom for the women of tomorrow. Keep going despite what the world dishes out... and let those trials fuel the fires of your glorious womanhood. Be all of the things you want to be- independent of expectation or suppression.


Let your light burn brightly with all its dimensions of sparkle and heat. Be you. Be bold if you want to be. Be. And be proud of it.


Love to my sisters,

Lindsey Anderson
Operapolitan co-founder

"Why is Everyone Getting Naked?"

By: Mayim Bialik

Defining Moment For FEMINISM: JULIA GILLARD Calls Abbott a Misogynist and a Hypocrite